Middle Bisquers 2018

9-10 June 2018, Knightswood

Alistair Malcolm receiving the trophy from Hamish DuguidTwelve players entered with handicaps ranging from 3 to 16. The format was two seeded blocks, 26-point level advanced games with 2½ hour time limits; block winners to play in a final, ties to be decided on gross hoops then net hoops.

Play started in warm sunny conditions on much improved lawns, until mid-afternoon when thunder, lightning, hail and torrential rain brought play to a halt, with the lawns eventually flooding. Play was abandoned and games pegged down, not an easy process in heavy rain and waterlogged lawns.

Pegged down games were completed on Sunday morning followed by rounds 4 and 5. Block A's deciding game saw John Owen beat David Houston. Block B had the scenario of a potential three-way tie but Alistair Malcolm won his last match against Bill Strachan to remain unbeaten.

Performance of the weekend was George Plant’s only win, against Jamieson Walker. George hit in on his second turn and took a three-ball break to 4-back. Jamieson missed his lift turn. George hit in and took another three-ball break this time to peg. Jamieson again missed his lift turn. George then eventually completed a turn and pegged out. Quite a feat for anyone, but a 14 handicapper???

Time restrictions forced the final to be reduced to an 18-point (clips starting on hoop 5) game with a two hour time limit. John hit in first. His approach to hoop 1 left an angled hoop run which he made, only to be told that hoop 5 was the first hoop. Alistair then made good progress with both balls to 4-back. John then made a good break to 4-back with black and Alistair missed his lift shot. John then took blue to peg in his next turn leaving a rush to yellow. At this point scores were level with yellow on penult and red on rover. Alistair again missed his lift, but John, attempting a long rush across the lawn, completely mis-hit black and ended up close to yellow. Alistair hit in, ran penult and rover and pegged out yellow. John missed his roquet attempt and Alistair won by 3 hoops.

Thanks to Hamish as manager and referee, Janice as his assistant on Sunday, Joe and others for setting up and dismantling the lawns and the Glasgow Club for hosting the event and providing refreshments.

Bill Strachan


The results are also on Croquet Scores.

Final (18-point game)

Alistair Malcolm beat John Owen +3T (16-13)

Block A DH JO RSR JL JW GP Wins Gross Net
David Houston   -11T
4 59 4
John Owen +11T
+22 +24 +8T
5 107 68
Rosemary Saunders Robertson -4T


2 85 2
Joe Lennon -3T
-22 -2T
1 62 -30
Jamieson Walker -1T
-24 +1T
  -24 2 61 -44
George Plant


+24   1 67 0


Block B AM BS LD HD JJ KW Wins Gross Net
Alistair Malcolm   +4T
+23 +18T
5 103 65
Bill Strachan -4T
+25 +4T
3 85 21
Lorna Dewar -16T
+22 +9T
4 83 36
Hamish Duguid -4T
-25 -12T


1 35 -39
Jola Jurasinska -23 -4T
-22 -3T
0 49 -53
Kevin Wright -18T
  2 32 -30

Handicap changes over the weekend

Lorna Dewar down to 9
Kevin Wright down to 14
Jola Jurasinka up to 14


East v West v North of Scotland 2018

2-3 June 2018, Meadows

Sadly North could not field a team, so the format reverted to a two-way competition. After some late cancellations, a total of 17 played over two days. 56 games resulted in 960 hoops scored. The games were singles, either AC Short Croquet, AC 14-point full lawn or 13-point GC full lawn.

Day 1 attracted some visitors and enjoyed reasonable weather. Day 2 was less conducive, but improved as the hours went on.

Progress from results was remarkable close and the end result was more wins for East, 29 to 27, although 10 more hoops for West. Thus on balance, East retain the trophy. North has promised to return next year, hoping to win it back.

Roger Binks

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Spring Weekend 2018

5-6 May 2018, Meadows

The spring weekend took place at the Meadows on the 5/6th of May. The weather was very good with warm sunshine for the most part. 13 people started but we had one drop out on Saturday just after lunch.

50% of the games went to time. Joe Lennon, Roger Binks and Lorna Dewar all won four games from five and therefore a shoot out at the peg was required as they had all lost to each other.

The manager left early due to exhaustion but left instructions with his deputy. One game had been marked down from Saturday evening which had to be finished as Kevin Wright could possibly join the shoot out if he won. He blobbed the tieing hoop.

I do not know how exciting the shoot out was but from six shots at the peg Roger hit twice and the others only managed once.

John Surgenor

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Scottish Masters 2018

26-27 May 2018, Meadows

James HopgoodThe weather forecast was for blazing sunshine all weekend but the stark reality was an easterly wind and a cold and clammy Edinburgh haar which settled on the Meadows for almost the entire weekend and shrouded the players in a ghostly white cloud.

Ten players, including one intrepid visitor from down south, with a handicap range from -2 to 10 gathered in the mist to play a five-round cross-block. Things mostly went with handicap, with James Hopgood and Chris Martin coming first and second in their block. In the other block Jane Morrison came first with four wins and John Surgenor second. Lorna Dewar (handicap 10!) put up a very strong performance to equal John on three wins but John’s superior gross points sent him through to the semis. James and Jane made it through to the final and James completed his sixth triple of the weekend to take home the trophy once again. Thanks to Chris Martin for setting the hoops and reporting on Croquet Scores, the Meadows club for hosting the event and Rachel for a very fine tea on the Sunday.

Jane Morrison




Block A JS JM JD DH LD Games Wins Gross Net
James Hopgood +26tp +15tp +15 +25tp +26tp 5 5 130 107
Chris Martin +4 -4T
+20 +1T
+20 5 4 111 41
Alan Clark -11 -25   +4T
4 1 53 -38
Rosemary Saunders Robertson -26 -21T
5 1 46 -47
Joe Lennon -23 -20 -4T
5 0 40 -58


Block B JH CM AC RSR JL Games Wins Gross Net
John Surgenor -26tp -4 +11 +26 +23 5 3 100 30
Jane Morrison -15tp +4T
+25 +21T
+20 5 4 112 55
Janice Duguid -15 -20   -7T
4 1 46 -38
David Houston -25tp -1T
5 2 58 -23
Lorna Dewar -26tp -20


5 3 59 -29


James Hopgood James Hopgood
James Hopgood
Chris Martin
John Surgenor Jane Morrison
Jane Morrison


  Games Wins Win % Beat
Alan Clark 2 2 100% Rosemary Saunders Robertson +15, Joe Lennon +5
David Houston 2 2 100% Joe Lennon +1T (10-9), Lorna Dewar +10T (16-6)
Lorna Dewar 1 0 0%  
Rosemary Saunders Robertson 1 0 0%  
Joe Lennon 2 0 0%  

Results also on Croquet Scores.

Meadows GC Open 2018

29 April 2018, Meadows

There were 12 entrants for this year's open tournament, with a handicap range from -3 to 7. Janice Duguid was competing in her first GC tournament and Andrea and David Widdison had made the journey North from their home club Ripon Spa. The contestants were ranked within two blocks and play had not long started before it became clear that form is no respecter of handicaps, Lorna Dewar (5) defeating David Widdison (-1) and Robert Darling (3) defeating James Hopgood (-3), in their respective blocks. The block play was followed by cross-ties, with the semi-final pairings of L. Dewar v. J Hopgood and R Darling v. D. Widdison. Lorna and David prevailed and progressed through to an entertaining best-of-three final. The contestants were very evenly matched but it was Lorna who held her nerve and deservedly won the trophy.

Hamish Duguid

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