Scottish Masters 2010

15-16 May 2010, Meadows

Meadows Captain, James Hopgood, was as good as his word and arrived early on Saturday morning to set new hoop positions.  He had underestimated the time needed and despite help from Alan Wilson, Fergus McInnes and Martin Stephenson play did not start until 09.50.   The format was a flexible Swiss with 3 hour time limits with the hope that most players would manage more than 6 games.

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Chairman's Rosebowl and Malmet Trophy 2010

18-20 September 2010, Meadows

This year's Chairman's Rosebowl could have had two Scottish-based minus players, had Campbell Morrison been available with his recently improved handicap of -0.5.  In fact, however, he was away cycling, and James Hopgood (-1) was the lowest-handicapped and highest-ranked player by a considerable margin.  The other contestants were, in ranking order, Brian Murdoch (1), Martin Stephenson (0.5), Alan Wilson (3), Jane Morrison (2) and Fergus McInnes (4).  It had been a finely-balanced decision whether Fergus or Malcolm O'Connell would be in the Chairman's, but Fergus had won out, and Malcolm (also on handicap 4) was in the Malmet along with Bryan Sykes (3), Tony Whateley (6) and Joe Lennon (11).

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Glasgow Open 2010

17-18 April 2010, Alexandra Park

Although we had hoped to have eight entries this year, unfortunately Robert Lay had to withdraw due to illness, so the other seven, plus Bruce Rannie, the manager, turned up on a cold mid-April Saturday morning to play five rounds with a possible final to decide the winner.  The magnificos were:

Campbell Morrison (1), Malcolm O’Connell (3.5), Alan Wilson (3.5), Bill Spalding (4), Jamieson Walker (9), Joe Lennon (11) and Jola Jurasinska (16), playing in her first Advanced tournament.

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