Edinburgh Tournament 2010

16-21 August 2010, Fettes College

This year's Edinburgh Tournament began on Monday 16 August with a rather depleted "big handicap".  Some of the regulars on the Scottish croquet circuit were away at the World Team Championship, and one regular Edinburgh Tournament visitor (Graham Brightwell) was busy with the hosting of the MacRobertson Shield at Surbiton.  The count of 15 players in the handicap event was the lowest on record, equalling the minimum set in 2007.  With only seven games on at a time, one of the five courts was out of use in each session of play on Monday.  Perhaps surprisingly, the empty one was not always court 1, with its notorious patch of bare earth near corner 4, but was instead court 1 in the morning, court 2 in the afternoon and court 3 in the evening.  By the end of the day the semi-finalists were known to be Hamish Duguid (handicap 14), Duncan Reeves (20), Ruth Munro (18) and Alan Wilson (3).

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The Walker Cup 2010

31 July 2010, Meadows

The Walker Cup is restricted to handicaps of 10 and over, so the six competitors for the 2010 Walker Cup, on the 31st of July, spanned the possible range.

Matches were 18-point games, with all clips starting on hoop 5, and were played with full bisques to a base of 10.  In line with the sentiments expressed at the previous year's event, the manager, Robert Inder, had decided to once again avoid the "sudden death" of a knockout.  Having only six entrants opened up the possibility of having everyone play everyone.  But this would have required 90 minute time limits, which he (and others) felt was not long enough.  He therefore decided to play a Swiss format tournament, with two hour time limits.   The club's pack of cards having produced the initial draw, the players took the lawn at 9:45, and play was under way by 9:50.

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Scottish Open 2010

17-18 July 2010, Meadows


Main event (The Moffat Mallet):
Winner: Greg Fletcher
Runner-up: James Hopgood

Consolation event (The Edinburgh Plate):
Winner: Robert Fletcher

Peeling prize: Robert Fletcher (1 SXP + 1 TP)

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Wilkinson Sword 2010

11 July 2010, Meadows

For the third consecutive year, the Wilkinson Sword was contested by Fergus McInnes and Allan Hawke (Edinburgh), Jamieson Walker and Jola Jurasinska (Meadows), and Bill Spalding and Robert Lay (Glasgow).  As in the previous two years, the Edinburgh v Meadows game was played at the Meadows Club, with a 9am start; but this time the Glasgow players agreed to come through to the Meadows and so the whole event (originally scheduled for Glasgow) was relocated there.

Jamieson and Jola were in good form, and beat the Edinburgh pair by 18 points (well within the three-hour time limit) and the Glasgow pair by 17, to retain the Sword.  The game between Edinburgh and Glasgow was thus of less significance, but it was played anyway, and the result was a +8 win for Edinburgh.

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