CA of Ireland v SCA 2011

21-22 May 2011, Carrickmines

The SCA beat the CAI by 14 games to 11 to regain the Appleton Trophy.  The match was still in the balance going into the final round on Sunday afternoon, ensuring there was everything to play for.  Unfortunately both the Queen, leaving the day before, and President Obama, arriving the day after, missed an exciting weekend's croquet in Ireland and the magnificent hospitality of the Irish, including a state banquet in The Gables on the Saturday evening.  The match was tied at 6-6 on Saturday evening, Hamish Duguid perhaps feeling a bit sore having been comfortably ahead in his game against Gerard Osborne-Burke, only to find Gerard cantering around 7 hoops in the time turn to win +1T.  James Hopgood, sporting a particularly dazzling pair of new white gloves, got off to a good start partnering Alasdair Adam, completing all four peels of a quad, but then missed the peg out.  However Alasdair and James went on to win their doubles game.

Gale force conditions on Sunday morning provided a true test of croquet, where balls could only be placed in contact for a croquet stroke with great difficulty and there was no such thing as a wiring.  On Lawn 2, Newell and Morrison v Duguid and Morrison both decided that Aunt Emma tactics were the order of the day, with take-offs to the far side of the lawn proving extremely tricky.  After almost an hour's play the score stood at 3-1, with Jane Morrison having scored all four points, including a "triple peel" - a peel of her partner through Hoops 1 and 2 and oppo through Hoop 1. Meanwhile on Lawn 3, James Hopgood, playing with Bill Spalding, managed a pretty good attempt at a conventional triple - although Bill was deemed by his opponents to be an artificial aid* as he stood sheltering James from the storm - beating Nathaniel Healy and Ben Reeves-Smyth 24-22.  Interestingly the two players offering the least wind resistance, Bill and Ben, seemed to fare best in the conditions, despite a lack of mass to anchor them to the ground.  Bill managed to get his handicap down to 3 over the weekend.

We look forward to welcoming the Irish back to Scotland in 2012.

* incorrectly, though Bill should still have stood well clear under Law 40b

Campbell Morrison


(Irish names first)

Day 1, Saturday 21 May 2011:

Nathaniel Healy and Jane Morrison lost to Alasdair Adam and James Hopgood -11
Evan Newell and Fiachra Caroll beat Campbell Morrison and Bill Spalding +6T (18 - 12)
Gerard Osborne-Burke beat Hamish Duguid +1T

Nathaniel Healy beat Hamish Duguid +25
Jane Morrison lost to James Hopgood -5tp
Fiachra Caroll lost to Bill Spalding -6T (11-17)
Benjamin Reeves-Smyth beat Campbell Morrison +2T (22-20)
Evan Newell beat Alasdair Adam +15T (20-5)

Evan Newell lost to James Hopgood -22tp
Nathaniel Healy lost to Campbell Morrison -20
Jane Morrison lost to Bill Spalding -21
Fiachra Caroll and Benjamin Reeves-Smyth beat Hamish Duguid and Alasdair Adam +21

Day 2, Sunday 22 May 2011:

Nathaniel Healy and Benjamin Reeves-Smyth lost to James Hopgood and Bill Spalding -2T (22-24)
Jane Morrison and Evan Newell lost to Hamish Duguid and Campbell Morrison -4T (11-15)
Michael O'Shaughnessy beat Alasdair Adam +19T

Benjamin Reeves-Smyth lost to James Hopgood -26
Michael O'Shaughnessy lost to Campbell Morrison -18
Nathaniel Healy lost to Bill Spalding -9T (14-23)
Jane Morrison beat Alasdair Adam +11T (18-7)
Evan Newell beat Hamish Duguid +15

Nathaniel Healy lost to James Hopgood -11T (10-23) *
Benjamin Reeves-Smyth beat Hamish Duguid +14T (19-5) *
Jane Morrison lost to Campbell Morrison -7T (15-22) *
Michael O'Shaughnessy beat Bill Spalding +??T (??) *
Geraldine O'Rourke lost to Alasdair Adam -5T(3-8) *

(* ineligible ranking games due to shortened time limits)

Match result: CAI 11, SCA 14