Summer Weekend 2011

2-3 July 2011, Alexandra Park

The players in this year's Summer Weekend were few enough to fit onto the top two lawns at Alexandra Park, being eight in number: Joe Lennon (handicap 11) and Robert Lay (12) from the host club, and from further east (Polmont and Edinburgh) Alan Wilson (3), Fergus McInnes (4), Jamieson Walker (10), Janice Duguid (10), Hamish Duguid (12) and Jola Jurasinska (16).

Everyone played three games on Saturday, with winners playing winners and losers playing losers, so that at the end of the day there was one player - Alan - with three wins, and one - Jola - with three losses.  (But it could easily have been different, as Jola's first game was against Alan, and she was only a millimetre short of running rover, with her other ball for the peg.)  Hamish had lost only to Alan, while Joe had lost only to Hamish, and Janice had lost only to Jamieson.  Alan and Fergus had each achieved a double peel finish: Alan against Jamieson, with one of Jamieson's bisques unused, and Fergus against Robert to obtain his only win of the day by a margin of just two points.

On Sunday morning Alan had his first loss, to Joe, and Jola had a win over Fergus, who scored his only two hoops after Jola had used up her last bisques in doing a posthumous rover peel, and soon gave her back the innings by taking off over the boundary beside one of her balls.  Fergus had more success after that, beating Alan +7 in a game that featured peeling by both players - Alan peeling Fergus's ball through penult but then breaking down, and Fergus later succeeding in his second attempt at a straight rover peel.  By early afternoon the leaders were Joe, who reached a rating of 114 with a narrow victory over Jola, and Hamish, who was on 110 after winning the Duguid v Duguid game.

Joe now played Fergus, and got off to a good start before using up most of his bisques with a series of unsuccessful strokes - allowing Fergus to take one ball to the peg, and then to finish when Joe took his last bisque and missed a rush.  Meanwhile Hamish was having a close game with Jamieson, from which he emerged two points ahead on time.  The result of all this was that Hamish was well ahead of everyone else and won the Summer Weekend quaich.  He also earned a handicap reduction to 11.

In contrast to last year's rain and flooding, the weather this time was warm and dry throughout, with a good deal of sunshine - as witness the short sleeves and hats of the players in the photograph below.

Fergus McInnes

Most of the players: Janice, Robert, Hamish, Fergus, Joe and Jamieson


("Egyptian" system)

1. Hamish Duguid 114 points, 4/5 wins: beat FM +14, JL +17, JD +7T, JW +2T.
2. Joe Lennon 107 points, 4/6 wins: beat RL +6T, JW +9, AW +17, JJ +2T.
3. Fergus McInnes 103 points, 3/6 wins: beat RL +2, AW +7, JL +14.
4. Alan Wilson 102 points, 3/5 wins: beat JJ +3, JW +9, HD +5.
5=. Jamieson Walker 96 points, 2/5 wins: beat JD +7, RL +20.
5=. Robert Lay 96 points, 2/5 wins: beat JJ +13, JD +3T.
7. Janice Duguid 94 points, 2/5 wins: beat JJ +9, FM +19.
8. Jola Jurasinska 88 points, 1/5 wins: beat FM +24.