Secretary Trophy 2011

16 July 2011, Meadows

Robert Inder, winner of the Secretary TrophyWith nine players, this year's Secretary Trophy was run to a flexible Swiss format, and was accommodated on two of the Meadows Club's three lawns - the other one still having puddles on it from the morning's rain at the start of play.  There were some sunny intervals during the day, but the rain returned in the afternoon, accompanied for a while by thunder and lightning.  Each contestant got four or five 14-point advanced games (with lifts after hoops 3 and 5), with bisques computed according to the table in the back of the Laws book, and a 90-minute time limit, which was required in eight of the day's 21 games.

At 5pm there were two players unbeaten, and accordingly the final was contested by these two; Robert Inder came out the victor, with Jola Jurasinska as runner-up.

The 14-point advanced format produced a variety of tactics.  David Houston favoured taking his first ball to the peg (conceding a contact); in one game his opponent, Fergus McInnes, responded by doing likewise and attempting to peg out David's ball, but he missed the peg-out and left David with a fairly easy four-ball finish which he completed without using up his remaining bisques.  Fergus did double peels in the course of his wins against James Hopgood and Hamish Duguid - the first of these with the use of a bisque, and the second with no bisque but with a jump shot and bombardment and a long peg-out after the hoop 6 peel stuck in the jaws.  Robert also peeled his partner ball through hoops 5 and 6 in one of his games, against Jamieson Walker, which he won by one point on time after pegging out one ball.  James, playing Jamieson, peeled his opponent's ball through hoop 6 and his partner ball through hoop 2 and then pegged out the forward balls of both sides to leave a two-ball endgame, in which Jamieson, starting at hoop 1, got to hoop 5 using four bisques and eventually finished after a couple of unsuccessful hoop shots by James.

Fergus McInnes


Robert Inder (8) 5/5: beat Janice Duguid +10, James Hopgood +11, Jamieson Walker +1T (13-12), Ruth Munro +3T (9-6), Jola Jurasinska +10
Jola Jurasinska (16) 3/4: beat Hamish Duguid +2T (7-5), Ruth Munro +2T (6-4), James Hopgood +14
Jamieson Walker (10) 3/4: beat Hamish Duguid +1T (8-7), James Hopgood +3, David Houston +10
Fergus McInnes (4) 3/5: beat Janice Duguid +7, James Hopgood +14, Hamish Duguid +10
David Houston (18) 2/4: beat Janice Duguid +7, Fergus McInnes +8
Ruth Munro (16) 2/5: beat Fergus McInnes +8T (9-1), Hamish Duguid +4T (10-6)
James Hopgood (-2) 1/5: beat David Houston +4
Hamish Duguid (12) 1/5: beat Janice Duguid +3T
Janice Duguid (10) 1/5: beat Ruth Munro +10