Spring Weekend 2011

30 April - 1 May 2011, Meadows

Jola Jurasinska being presented with the Spring Weekend trophy by Fergus McInnesThis year's SCA Spring Weekend Tournament was played on two days of unbroken sunshine offset by a chilly easterly wind.  Jola Jurasinska won all her games to finish several points clear of the rest and take the tankard.


The pace of the games generally was rather slow, and only two players fitted as many as five games into the weekend, in contrast to last year when some people completed seven or eight.  (The slowness was particularly noticeable for those who had a late start on the Saturday: the manager optimistically had told them to arrive for 10.30am, but it must have been much closer to 12 o'clock by the time they got a lawn.)  The rather patchy lawn speed and firmly set hoops may have contributed to the slowness of progress; also the fact that fewer low-handicap players were taking part than in 2010.

By Sunday afternoon only two players were undefeated, Hamish Duguid and Jola Jurasinska, with three wins each so far, and accordingly they were playing each other.  Jola's narrow victory (by two points on time) put her well ahead of the field, on 119 points under the "Egyptian" scoring system, and although Robert Inder gained his fourth win during the afternoon he had also had one loss and could only finish second with 115 points.  Hamish was third with 110, and all the rest were far behind.  Jola it is, then, who can be seen receiving the trophy in the Sunday evening sunshine.

Fergus McInnes


("Egyptian" system)

Jola Jurasinska 119 (4/4): beat Esther Jones +3T, Alan Wilson +17, Rod Williams +11, Hamish Duguid +2T
Robert Inder 115 (4/5): beat Charlotte Townsend +21, Fergus McInnes +20, Joe Lennon +15, Esther Jones +11T
Hamish Duguid 110 (3/4): beat Charlotte Townsend +11T, Janice Duguid +9T, Mike Gardner +8T
Tony Whateley 101 (2/4): beat Jamieson Walker +7, George Geis +12
Alan Wilson 100 (2/4): beat Robert Inder +4T, Alasdair Adam +2
Joe Lennon 100 (2/4): beat Tony Whateley +26, Alasdair Adam +9T
Esther Jones 100 (2/4): beat George Geis +3, Alan Wilson +2T
Fergus McInnes 100 (2/4): beat Charlotte Townsend +2T, Jamieson Walker +9
Janice Duguid 100 (1/2): beat Joe Lennon +2T
Mike Gardner 99 (2/4): beat Tony Whateley +15, Jamieson Walker +5
Rod Williams 96 (1/3): beat Vivien Wightman +11
Vivien Wightman 96 (1/3): beat Mike Gardner +2T
Jamieson Walker 95 (2/5): beat Rod Williams +15, Alasdair Adam +1T
George Geis 95 (1/3): beat Vivien Wightman +6T
Alasdair Adam 89 (1/4): beat Fergus McInnes +19
Charlotte Townsend 85 (0/3)