Scottish Masters 2011

7-8 May 2011, Meadows

The Scottish Masters this year had a larger and stronger entry than usual, including five members of the Surbiton Croquet Club who were in Edinburgh for a match against the Meadows Club.  Also visiting from south of the border was Matt Holmes (Bury).  Eight Scottish-based players made up the rest of the field of 14 - the maximum that could be accommodated given the tournament format and the lawn space available.


The format adopted was similar to that used in recent years for the Scottish Open: a knockout (best-of-three in later rounds), with 12 players competing in the first round and two having byes into a quarter-final, and a flexible Swiss consolation event with knockout results carried over into it.  The knockout was seeded (by dynamic grade) so that, if all went to form, the two Scottish minus players James Hopgood and Campbell Morrison should meet in the final.

Three upsets occurred in the first two rounds: improving players Sam Murray and Matt Holmes had wins over Jerry Guest and Ian Vincent, and Fergus McInnes beat George Noble by the narrowest of margins after George missed a peg-out.  But the top seeds survived and by the end of the first day had progressed to the final.  Notable events during the day included Jane Morrison's first ever triple peel, a TP attempt by her husband Campbell which ended when the Irish peel at rover went over the boundary, and a lot more peeling in a Swiss game between James Hopgood and Jerry Guest, where Jerry did three peels of an SXPO and James completed the remaining three peels himself and finished with all four clips on his clothing.

Saturday's weather had been fairly benign, with a good deal of sunshine and just a little light rain, but the sky on Sunday morning threatened a soaking, and sure enough the rain came on just as play began.  It was heavy for a while, but not persistent enough to cause flooding, and the sunshine returned in the afternoon.  By mid-afternoon the main event had been decided, as James beat Campbell in straight games, but various games in the Swiss went on till early evening.  The winner of the Swiss was eventually identified to be Matt Holmes, who had won four of his six games - equal with Graham Brightwell but having won the game between the two of them - but by this time Matt had departed and so any presentation to him would have to wait till another day.  The trophy for the main event was, however, duly presented to James, the winner for the fourth year in succession.

Fergus McInnes


First round:
James Hopgood beat Jane Morrison +22
Sam Murray beat Jerry Guest +15
Fergus McInnes beat George Noble +1
Martin Stephenson beat Malcolm O'Connell +20
Graham Brightwell beat Alan Wilson +2T
Campbell Morrison beat Jamieson Walker +16

James Hopgood beat Sam Murray +21
Martin Stephenson beat Fergus McInnes +8
Matt Holmes beat Ian Vincent +23
Campbell Morrison beat Graham Brightwell +17

James Hopgood beat Martin Stephenson +22, +25TP
Campbell Morrison beat Matt Holmes +17, +19

James Hopgood beat Campbell Morrison +16TP, +14

Swiss games:
Jane Morrison beat Jerry Guest +8
Alan Wilson beat Jamieson Walker +6
George Noble beat Malcolm O'Connell +20
Ian Vincent beat Sam Murray +26TP
James Hopgood beat Jerry Guest +18TP
George Noble beat Ian Vincent +16
Graham Brightwell beat Jamieson Walker +12
Jane Morrison beat Fergus McInnes +18
Sam Murray beat Malcolm O'Connell +23
Fergus McInnes beat Alan Wilson +13
Jane Morrison beat George Noble +21TP
Ian Vincent beat Malcolm O'Connell +24
Jerry Guest beat Jamieson Walker +5
George Noble beat Martin Stephenson +26
Matt Holmes beat Graham Brightwell +10
Sam Murray beat Fergus McInnes +1T
Alan Wilson beat Malcolm O'Connell +17
Ian Vincent beat Jane Morrison +18TP
Martin Stephenson beat Jerry Guest +5
George Noble beat Sam Murray +9
Malcolm O'Connell beat Jamieson Walker +19
Matt Holmes beat Alan Wilson +15
Graham Brightwell beat Fergus McInnes +17
Matt Holmes beat George Noble +19
Sam Murray beat Alan Wilson +9
Jamieson Walker beat Fergus McInnes +7T
Jerry Guest beat Ian Vincent +15
Martin Stephenson beat Jane Morrison +17
Graham Brightwell beat James Hopgood +11