The Walker Cup 2011

Meadows, 23 July 2011

Jamieson Walker (left) receiving the cup from the managerContrary to the previous evening's weather forecast, the seven entrants for this year's competition played most of the day in some of the best weather we had seen for some considerable time.

As last year, the competition was run as a Swiss with four rounds of 18 point games, all clips starting on hoop 5.  Full bisques to a base of 10 were then adjusted accordingly for the shortened game.  As best attempts had failed to find an eighth competitor, it required four people to take a bye over the course of the day.  The time limit for each game was set at 1h.45m. + 3 minutes per net bisque difference.

Where there is a large bisque difference between players, the additional time allowance goes some way to offset the likelihood of the higher handicap player having a disproportionate amount of time on the lawn.  This adjustment for the bisque difference was first suggested by Jamieson Walker and has since been used on several occasions to good effect.  Even so, and with no double banking, only 5/12 games ended within time.

Alistair Malcolm from the Kinross Club was a welcome newcomer to an SCA competition and started well by winning his first game, adjusting surprisingly quickly to the considerable difference in lawn speed between Kinross and Meadows.

Due to a recent handicap increase, Jamieson Walker was eligible to compete for the first time for the trophy he donated.  Fittingly, it was he who went on to win the competition, having first seen off a challenge from Hamish in the third round and then going on to defeat Jola who, had she beaten him, might have won overall on a tie-break.

Hamish Duguid


Jamieson Walker (10) 4/4: beat J. Duguid 18-4, A. Adam 12-9, H. Duguid 15-8, J. Jurasinska 18-8
Ruth Munro (16) 2/3: beat J. Duguid 12-5, A. Adam 12-3
Hamish Duguid (11) 2/3: beat J. Jurasinska. 15-9, A. Malcolm 18-7
Jola Jurasinska (16) 2/4: beat J. Duguid 18-0, A. Adam 12-6
Alistair Malcolm (20) 1/3: beat R. Munro 11-10
Janice Duguid (10) 1/4: beat A. Malcolm 18-9
Alasdair Adam (14) 0/3