West of Scotland Championship 2011

Alexandra Park, 8-9 October 2011

On a calm wet Saturday, 15 players gathered in Alexandra Park for the last SCA tournament of the 2011 season.  The plan was to play on the two top lawns and the lower right one, as the lower left lawn had a large hollow which tended to become a puddle.  When Joe and Richard arrived in the morning to set out the hoops they found that the bottom right lawn been damaged by footballers, but it was still better than its neighbour, and so it was pressed into service despite its many divots.

The Glasgow players taking part were the aforementioned Joe Lennon and Richard Sparrow plus Robert Lay, with respective handicaps of 10, 18 and 12.  From Edinburgh came James Hopgood (-2), Campbell Morrison (-0.5), Martin Stephenson (0.5), Fergus McInnes (3), Jamieson Walker (9), Hamish Duguid (11), Janice Duguid (11) and Jola Jurasinska (16); from the intermediate longitudes of Polmont and Dollar, Alan Wilson (3.5) and Alasdair Adam (probably 16, though he played off 14 on the first day because he didn't realise that his handicap had gone up during the season).  David Turner (7) and Alice Fleck (12) were driving over from Tyneside, and had been granted a late start.

Most of those who were on at 9:30am completed three games on Saturday, but David and Alice with their late start had only two games each, as did Robert and Alasdair.  Two games were pegged down overnight: Joe v Hamish, and Alan v Richard - only the second game of the day for Richard, who had drawn the other late start.  Campbell, Janice and Jamieson remained unbeaten, and Fergus and Jola were on 2/3.

Sunday started with some rain, but it became drier, and for much of the day the most noticeable aspect of the weather was the wind - blowing leaves onto the lawns from the nearby trees, but keeping away the midges which had been an annoyance on Saturday.  Jamieson and Janice played in the morning, and it was Janice who came through still unbeaten, while Campbell also stayed in contention with a win over David.  The game in the afternoon between Janice and Campbell was thus effectively the final, and it was played on the bottom lawn after they narrowly lost out to Jola and James in a bid for the one uphill from it.  The allocation of lawns probably had a bearing on the results: on the much smoother top lawn Jola beat James +26 with bisques to spare, but on the slow and difficult lower lawn Janice's bisques ran out and it was Campbell who eventually pegged out to win +5.

Several games featured peels.  Campbell began a TPO against Alan on Saturday morning, but didn't complete it; Fergus finished with a double peel in Alan's next game; and in his last game on Sunday it was Alan who did two peels so as to peg out Alasdair's ball.  But perhaps the best game was the one between James and Fergus, also on Sunday afternoon: Fergus took two bisques in turn 3 and got to 4-back, James hit and went to penult in turn 4, Fergus used his remaining bisques to get a break going and did two peels of a straight triple, James hit in again and removed Fergus's back ball from the jaws of rover, Fergus missed a long shot, and James finished with a double peel in turn 8.

Full results appear below, as does a photograph of Campbell in his winning turn against Janice - by which time the sun was making a brief but welcome appearance.  Thanks are due to the Glasgow Club for hosting the tournament, and in particular to Joe and Richard for arriving early to set out the lawns.

Fergus McInnes

Campbell Morrison


("Egyptian" System)

1. Campbell Morrison 122 points, 5/5 wins: beat AW +12, HD +6, JH +25, DT +8, JD +5.
2=. Janice Duguid 114 points, 4/5 wins: beat FM +26, JL +15, MS +14, JW +15.
2=. Jamieson Walker 114 points, 4/5 wins: beat JJ +10, AF +17, RL +10, FM +23.
4. Joe Lennon 111 points, 4/5 wins: beat RL +10T (20-10), HD +3T (17-14), AF +19, MS +21.
5. Jola Jurasinska 105 points, 3/5 wins: beat DT +14, MS +22, JH +26.
6. Alan Wilson 104 points, 3/5 wins: beat RS +1, MS +26, AA +6.
7. James Hopgood 101 points, 3/6 wins: beat RS +12, AF +8, FM +3.
8. Fergus McInnes 99 points, 3/6 wins: beat AW +25, AF +6, JJ +8.
9. Richard Sparrow 95 points, 1/3 wins: beat HD +4T (16-12).
10. David Turner 93 points, 1/4 wins: beat RL +8.
11. Robert Lay 91 points, 1/4 wins: beat AA +7T (16-9).
12=. Hamish Duguid 90 points, 1/4 wins: beat JH +26.
12=. Alasdair Adam 90 points, 1/4 wins: beat DT +26.
14. Martin Stephenson 88 points, 1/5 wins: beat AA +5T (23-18).
15. Alice Fleck 83 points, 0/4 wins.