Federazione Italiana Sport Croquet v SCA

Rome, 22-23 October 2011

The second test match between the Federazione Italiana Sport Croquet and the Scottish Croquet Association was played in Rome (Italy) on the 22nd-23rd October, 2011.

Unfortunately, the Lux Roma club has not been able to provide a proper croquet lawn due to very dry Spring and Summer, followed by a washout of the lawn caused by heavy downpours just two days before the match, so the planned Association Croquet match turned out to be an “Extreme Croquet” match in which the superior practice of Golf Croquet (with long and hard hoop running) by the Italian team was the key of their victory.

The format of the match consisted of 9 singles games, with each player facing every player of the other team, and 3 doubles games.

A good dinner in a typical Roman restaurant helped the Scottish team to recover from a 5-1 down after the first day singles, and by lunch time of the second day they had a chance to level the final score, but Italy managed to win the last two games to secure the match with 8 wins to 4.

Some more photographs can be found here.

Andrea Pravettoni


(Italian names first)

Day 1, Saturday 22 October 2011:

Gianpietro Donati beat Bill Spalding 17-16
Andrea Pravettoni beat Alasdair Adam 19-7
Gianni Leoncini lost to Bob Burnett 9-13
Gianpietro Donati beat Alasdair Adam 12-3
Andrea Pravettoni beat Bob Burnett 16-15
Gianni Leoncini beat Bill Spalding 8-7

Day 2, Sunday 23 October 2011:

Gianpietro Donati lost to Bob Burnett 7-11
Pravettoni & Leoncini beat Spalding & Adam 8-7
Andrea Pravettoni lost to Bill Spalding 13-17
Donati & Leoncini lost to Burnett & Adam 7-10
Gianni Leoncini beat Alasdair Adam 6-3
Donati & Pravettoni beat Burnett & Spalding 8-6

Match result: FISC 8, SCA 4