Golf Croquet Handicap 2011

9 July 2011, Meadows

Despite the weather forecast and a late withdrawal, 5 players contested the tournament in what turned out, for the most part, to be a surprisingly warm and dry day.  Given the number of people playing golf croquet in Scotland, the turnout was disappointing but may, in part, be attributable to the event coinciding with the local holidays.

The tournament was run on an all play all twice basis with a fixed time limit of 45 minutes per game.  As the lawns were not double banked, the time limit proved sufficient to see 18/20 games finish within time.

As chance would have it, the final pairings of the day saw Hamish 6/6 play Jola 5/6 to decide the day.  Jola tied the number of wins by beating Hamish in their first encounter but it was to be Hamish who won the final game and lifted the trophy.

Hamish Duguid



(players ordered by games won, then net hoops won)

Hamish Duguid (6) 7/8: beat R.Munro 7-3, 7-4; J Walker 7-5, 7-4; J Shannon 7-1, 7-3; J Jurasinska 7-2
Jola Jurasinska (6) 6/8: beat J Walker 7-6, 7-5; J Shannon 7-2, 7-5; R Munro 7-5; H Duguid 7-4
Jamieson Walker (4) 3/8: beat J Shannon 7-3; R Munro 7-4, 6-3
Ruth Munro (6) 2/8: beat J Shannon 7-5; J Jurasinska 7-2
Jackie Shannon (7) 2/8: beat R Munro 6-4; J Walker 7-6

Handicap changes: Jola Jurasinska from 6 to 5, Hamish Duguid from 6 to 4