Kinross 11+ Tournament 2011

6 June 2011, Kinross

There were six entries for this year's Kinross 11+ tournament.  Five were within the handicap range 11 - 14 together with a welcome newcomer to the tournament scene in Alistair Malcolm from the host club who, it was agreed, would play off his club handicap of 24.

The weather forecast proved correct for the day with dry but overcast conditions in the morning improving to a pleasantly warm afternoon.  Overnight rain had left the lawns playing slowly - 7 plummers downhill on lawn 1.

The format for the day was a version of one Fergus had previously used comprising three rounds of 18 point games each with a two hour time limit.
The day went with rarely a hitch apart from the yellow ball becoming firmly lodged in a hoop previously set using the black ball.  The manager could only think that, in the intervening period, there had been considerable movement in the well documented Kinross tectonic plates!

Although not able to play, both George Kirk and Brian Smith made welcome visits to the lawns with Brian joining the competitors for lunch in the Green Hotel and again, later in the day, to present the prizes.

Towards the end of play three people already had two wins and Alistair Malcolm had the opportunity to win the competition outright, just failing in his final turn to close down his opponent's slender lead.

Alistair then joined the others with two wins to decide the tournament with a shoot-out at the peg from the west boundary and it was to be Andrew Macmillan who won the day.

Hamish Duguid


Andrew Macmillan (14) beat Robert Lay +11 (18-7), Alasdair Adam +5T (14-9)
Jim Penny (11) beat Alasdair Adam +1T (13-12), Alistair Malcolm +2T (16-14)
Alistair Malcolm (24) beat Hamish Duguid +7 (18-11), Andrew Macmillan +6 (18-12)
Hamish Duguid (12) beat Robert Lay +11 (18-7), Jim Penny +14 (18-4)
Alasdair Adam (14) beat Robert Lay +6T (14-8)
Robert Lay (11) -