Glasgow Open 2011

16-17 April 2011, Glasgow

CAMPBELL MORRISON retained the Glasgow Open at Alexandra Park, Dennistoun, Glasgow on 16 and 17 April 2011, weather dry but cold, lawns reasonably true, speeds not measured, but no complaints about them being too heavy, or balls hilling off.

Eight players took part, with handicaps ranging from -0.5 to 16, split into two blocks by striping the handicaps across the blocks. Each player played all four in the other block, plus one from his or her own block, so that the top four all played each other, and the bottom four all played each other. Had one player won a block by two more games than the winner of the other block, then no final would be needed, but if that was not the case, then the final is treated as best-of-three with the winner of the block game between the two regarded as being one game up. Effectively a block winner cannot lose the trophy without losing at least twice.

The games in the first two rounds went to handicap, leaving the "senior" and "junior" fours to fight amongst themselves. During these rounds, Martin Stephenson succeeded with two peels and an in-court group (cannon) before failing penult on his way to beating Jola Jurasinska, and failed a second TP attempt against Tony Whateley. Malcolm O'Connell completed all three peels but missing a hampered (by the peelee) roquet after rover when beating Jamieson Walker. And then he hit his ball off the lawn when time was called against Joe Lennon, only to find that it came back on to give Joe an easy start, needing to run to the peg to win - he cross-pegged himself after penult to reprieve Malcolm +1T. Tony Whateley managed a clinical diagonal spread against Jane Morrison, only to find that he had joined with his opponent whilst leaving his partner balll tight at the peg - result a quick defeat. Campbell Morrison used a dead ball as a diversion that caused striker's ball to make a legal roquet on the unhittable live ball after 4B, while beating Jamieson Walker.

One game only in the remaining three rounds went against the handicap, Jane beating Martin +5 just before time ran out, Jane having pegged Martin's ball out when his other ball was on 3 versus 6, and then her own ball out when her backward ball had reached 2B. However Campbell had escaped in the three-ball ending against Martin, caused by his choice to peg his ball out when it was left by the peg in Martin's diagonal spread leave. So this meant that Campbell and Jane were the two finalists, with Campbell being one up. In the first (second) game of the final, in warmer brighter weather, Campbell (as against Martin) reached peg-4B against 1-1, but failed to finish. Again as against Martin, Jane reached 4B and left the peg ball near the peg. Again, Campbell pegged it out, but then Jane ran a clinical 12 hoops (with the added difficulty of peeling Campbell's 4B ball from distance), followed by the winning five to level the scores. In the decider, Campbell made one error to Jane's two to win 26-10, and thus retain the trophy.

Bruce Rannie

Results in sequence:

Campbell Morrison (-0.5) bt Joe Lennon (12) +18
Jane Morrison (2.5) by Tony Whateley (6) +17
Malcolm O'Connell (3.5) bt Jamieson Walker (9) +23
Martin Stephenson (0.5) bt Jola Jurasinska (16) +26
Campbell Morrison bt Jamieson Walker +20
Malcolm O'Connell bt Joe Lennon +1T (23-22)
Martin Stephenson bt Tony Whateley +12
Jane Morrison bt Jola Jurasinska +23
Campbell Morrison bt Jane Morrison +17
Martin Stephenson bt Malcolm O'Connell +17
Tony Whateley bt Joe Lennon +9
Jamieson Walker bt Jola Jurasinska +11
Campbell Morrison bt Malcolm O'Connell +13T (20-7)
Jane Morrison bt Martin Stephenson +5
Tony Whateley bt Jola Jurasinska +10T (22-12)
Jamieson Walker bt Joe Lennon +8T (24-16)
Jane Morrison bt Malcolm O'Connell +16
Campbell Morrison bt Martin Stephenson +9
Tony Whateley bt Jamieson Walker +11
Joe Lennon bt Jola Jurasinska +5T (22-17)
Jane Morrison bt Campbell Morrison +3
Campbell Morrison bt Jane Morrison +16