Middle Bisquers 2011

18-19 June 2011, Alexandra Park

Alan Wilson won this year's Middle Bisquers at Glasgow retaining the Adam Trophy but Bill Spalding took the plaudits with 2 triple peels.

Alasdair Adam had been forced to withdraw, but this still left 9 entrants, which was good to see after last year's competition was cancelled because of insufficient entries.

Robert Lay (12) took the late start on Saturday and so the first round of a flexible Swiss saw Alan Wilson (3) v Esther Jones (10); Jamieson Walker (9) v Hamish Duguid (12); Jola Jurasinska (16) v Tony Whateley (6) and Bill Spalding (3) v Joe Lennon (12).  The first round went with handicap with three games finishing relatively quickly.

Alan then played Tony and had completed two peels of a standard triple before rushing his escape ball to a poor position after peeling penult leading to the break being abandoned when he could only get three yds from 2b with no reception ball.  Bill then showed how it was done by completing his first triple peel for about 30 years, and his first in the UK, in his game against Jamieson.  It wasn't without drama as penult was peeled from a very acute angle, with an Aspinall peel, after 6 and a straight rover peel jawsed then cannoned through with one of oppo's balls which then remained beside the hoop forcing Bill to jump through and play a hampered roquet before finally rushing partner to the peg and finishing.

Bill and Alan should have played round 3 but Alan needed to leave early and Bill preferred to play a game to a finish.

Eventually on Sunday Alan and Bill played what looked like the vital match with both undefeated on 3 wins.  Alan made one peel and one error to Bill's two errors leaving Alan undefeated.  At this point Alan realised that if Robert won his match against Jamieson then he could win the competition by defeating Alan as the first tie-breaker had been who beat whom (I won't do that again!).

So Alan played Robert in a winner takes all decider while Bill took on Jola and completed his second triple of the weekend.  This was much less dramatic than the first with 4b after 3, penult jawsed after 6 and rover straight with an Irish peel.

In the "final" Alan hit 3rd turn and made hoop 1 but missed a hampered shot and Robert hit 4th turn to get started.  He looked like going round to 4b but failed 1b to let Alan in.  Two good breaks took Alan to 4b and peg before Robert hit the lift to initiate a period of interactivity before Alan finally finished to win the competition outright.

Alan Wilson


Alan Wilson 5/5: beat Esther Jones +15, Robert Lay +16, Joe Lennon +15, Bill Spalding +15, Tony Whateley +6
Bill Spalding 4/5: beat Jola Jurasinska +24tp, Joe Lennon +13, Jamieson Walker +16tp, Tony Whateley +13
Robert Lay 3/5: beat Hamish Duguid +6, Esther Jones +22, Jamieson Walker +10
Tony Whateley 3/5: beat Jola Jurasinska +15, Joe Lennon +7T, Jamieson Walker ++18
Hamish Duguid 2/4: beat Esther Jones +4T, Jola Jurasinska +16
Esther Jones 2/5: beat Jola Jurasinska +4T, Jamieson Walker +2T
Joe Lennon 2/5: beat Jola Jurasinska +21, Robert Lay +21
Jamieson Walker 2/6: beat Hamish Duguid +2T, Jola Jurasinska +13

Handicap change: Joe Lennon from 12 to 11