East v West of Scotland 2011

4-5 June 2011, Meadows

The eve of this year's East-West match, Friday the 3rd of June, was the warmest day of the year so far, with Edinburgh's weather station recording 25.7 degrees C; but the weather changed abruptly overnight, and the weekend's temperatures struggled to reach 12 degrees.  Nevertheless 16 players turned out (though some of them for only one day) and played 18 games of Association Croquet and 20 games of Golf Croquet.  As usual each AC game counted for two points and each GC game for one point.  All games were played to handicap rules.

Saturday began with five AC games, of which the East won three.  In the afternoon the West had more success, winning two out of three AC games and all the five GC games to take a 13-8 lead.  But four AC wins by the East in the last round of the day reversed this to 16-13 overnight.

Sunday morning featured more gains for the East, and the score at lunch time stood at 26-15 - the two West points coming from Alan Wilson's game against George Geis, in which he also did two peels of a triple before breaking down at 1-back.  The rest of the day was mostly Golf Croquet, in which the West won seven games out of 11, but with two more AC wins for the East the final result was a decisive 34-22 - the first East of Scotland victory in this match since 2005.

Fergus McInnes


(East names first; players' AC or GC handicaps shown after names)

Day One:

Association Croquet:
Alasdair Adam (14) beat George Anderson (6)  +7T
Janice Duguid (10) beat Alan Wilson (3)  +18
George Geis (20) lost to Joe Lennon (12)  -18
Jola Jurasinska (16) beat Jim Penny (11)  +24
Fergus McInnes (4) lost to Hamish Duguid (12)  -25
Alasdair beat Jim  +4T
Janice lost to Joe  -20
Robert Inder (9) lost to Hamish  -19
Janice beat George A  +2T
Jola beat Joe  +3T
Fergus beat Jim  +7
Robert beat Alan  +20

Golf Croquet:
George Geis (7) lost to George Anderson (5)  2-7
Jola Jurasinska (6) lost to Alan Wilson (3)  4-7
George G lost to Alan  3-7
Jola lost to George A  5-7
George G lost to Hamish Duguid (6)  5-7

Day Two:

Association Croquet:
Janice beat Jim  +3T
Jola beat Hamish  +16
Fergus beat David Houston (18)  +5
George G lost to Alan  -18
Janice beat Allan Hawke (7)  +12T
George G beat Jim  +4T

Golf Croquet:
Lyn Gilpin (11) beat Brian Cosford (5)  7-3
Jackie Shannon (7) beat Allan Hawke (4)  7-6
Lyn beat Allan  7-6
Jackie beat Brian  7-3
Lyn lost to Alan  6-7
Jackie lost to Hamish  3-7
Jola beat David Houston (6)  7-6
Fergus McInnes (2) lost to Brian  6-7
Lyn lost to Hamish  3-7
Jola lost to Brian  5-7
Fergus beat Alan  7-6
Jackie lost to David  5-7
Janice Duguid (8) beat Brian  7-5
Lyn and Jola lost to David and Hamish  6-7
Jackie beat Alan  7-5

Final scores:
East 34 (AC 26 + GC 8), West 22 (AC 10 + GC 12)