Scottish Open 2011

Meadows, 30-31 July 2011

The 2011 Scottish Open was the most international yet, with players from Scotland, England, Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand.  The two most distant countries were represented in the final, where Australian Kevin Beard won the deciding game against Hamish McIntosh of New Zealand, while in the plate final local player James Hopgood beat Englishman Dave Nick.

Four of the eight seeds had single games against unseeded players in the first round, and two of them were knocked out - Brian Murdoch losing to Bill Spalding (by one point on time), and Bob Burnett losing to Martin Stephenson.  No.1 seed James Hopgood came through comfortably with a +26 against Alan Wilson, but fourth seed Hamish McIntosh had a much closer call in his game with Fergus McInnes.  Hamish had got to peg and 4-back, but he accidentally pegged out his forward ball while rolling towards corner 2, and then missed several shots while Fergus crept round to 4-back and peg.  Time was called in Fergus's turn, and he opted to play his forward ball, putting his other ball in front of 4-back while approaching the peg for the equalising point, but landed further from the peg than he'd intended and then missed it to hand the game to Hamish.

The other seeds had byes to the quarter-finals, and the results there went according to ranking, with Kevin Beard beating Jonathan Lamb (of Uruguay) and Dave Nick beating the other Australian John Levick, while in the other half of the draw James and Hamish had wins over Bill and Martin respectively.

So to the semi-finals.  Dave Nick and Kevin Beard had an exchange of +26TPs in their first two games, but the third game was much closer, with Dave getting to penult and peg and then having five more shots before Kevin won with a delayed triple.  That match was finished on the first day, but James Hopgood and Hamish McIntosh, at one game all, declined to play on into the dusk, and so it was on Sunday morning that Hamish won the decider to join Kevin in the final.

In the first game of the final, Hamish got to 4-back but then failed hoop 1 with his second ball; Kevin began a TPO attempt but didn't get the 4-back peel and settled for a break to 4-back; and Hamish hit the lift and won with a delayed triple despite breaking down at hoop 4.  In game 2 Hamish again was the first to 4-back, but Kevin hit and this time completed the TPO; Hamish made no hoops off the contact, and only one hoop after hitting in, and Kevin picked up a three-ball break to level the match.  The third game was less interactive, and Kevin won +26 with another delayed TP.

Meanwhile the two losing semi-finalists had won their games in the plate event (Dave beating Martin and Bill, and James also beating Martin), and they met in the plate final.  James did all the peels of a triple after Dave had failed hoop 3, and pegged out the peelee, but went four yards past the peg with the striker's ball and missed the return shot; Dave got to peg and hoop 2 before James finished.

The Moffat Mallet and the Edinburgh Plate were presented to Kevin and to James by SCA Chairman Bruce Rannie.  If the manager had remembered to procure a peeling prize, this also would have gone to Kevin, who had a triple peel either for him or against him in every game he played, and for his own part performed five TPs and one TPO, with a good deal of straight peels and bombarding of balls in rover.

Thanks go to Vivien Wightman and Charlotte Townsend for excellent lunches, and to Martin Stephenson for his entertaining commentary on the Nottingham email list, from which I picked up some of the details for this report.

Fergus McInnes


Main event (The Moffat Mallet)
Winner: Kevin Beard
Runner-up: Hamish McIntosh

Consolation event (The Edinburgh Plate)
Winner: James Hopgood


Main event results in full
First round
James Hopgood beat Alan Wilson +26
Bill Spalding beat Brian Murdoch +1T (18-17)
Martin Stephenson beat Bob Burnett +17
Hamish McIntosh beat Fergus McInnes +1T (22-21)

James Hopgood beat Bill Spalding +26tp +25
Hamish McIntosh beat Martin Stephenson +17 +24tp
Dave Nick beat John Levick +9 +13
Kevin Beard beat Jonathan Lamb +15tp +3tp

Hamish McIntosh beat James Hopgood -17tp +18 +22
Kevin Beard beat Dave Nick -26tp +26tp +4tp

Kevin Beard beat Hamish McIntosh -17tp +12tpo +26tp


Plate results in full
Bob Burnett beat Alan Wilson +3T (21-18)
Fergus McInnes beat Brian Murdoch +6T (21-15)
John Levick beat Alan Wilson +14
Jonathan Lamb beat Bob Burnett +14
Martin Stephenson beat Bill Spalding +17
Jonathan Lamb beat Fergus McInnes +17
John Levick beat Bob Burnett +4
Alan Wilson beat Martin Stephenson +15
Dave Nick beat Martin Stephenson +26tp
Fergus McInnes beat Bob Burnett +14
John Levick beat Jonathan Lamb +8
Brian Murdoch beat Alan Wilson +15
Dave Nick beat Bill Spalding +17tp
James Hopgood beat Martin Stephenson +24
Jonathan Lamb beat Alan Wilson +26
John Levick beat Fergus McInnes +7
Brian Murdoch beat Bob Burnett +5
James Hopgood beat Dave Nick +13
Bill Spalding beat Alan Wilson +9
Jonathan Lamb beat Martin Stephenson +24tp


Players' records

Kevin Beard 6/8
James Hopgood 6/8
Hamish McIntosh 6/9
John Levick 4/6
Dave Nick 5/8
Jonathan Lamb 4/7
Brian Murdoch 2/4
Fergus McInnes 2/5
Bill Spalding 2/6
Martin Stephenson 2/8
Bob Burnett 1/6
Alan Wilson 1/7