SCA v Croquet North 2011

14-15 May 2011, Meadows

The Croquet North team for this year's match had the same four members as on the fixture's previous visit to Edinburgh two years ago: Charles Waterfield (handicap 0) from Middlesbrough, Derek Watts (2) and Sheila Watts (9) from Tyneside, and Alice Fleck (11) from Belsay Hall.  The SCA team was slightly weaker in handicap terms, consisting of Fergus McInnes (4), Bill Spalding (4), Jamieson Walker (9) and Joe Lennon (12).


As usual, the order of play included three rounds of doubles, with different permutations of partners, and three rounds of singles - with the proviso that the final round (of doubles) might not be played if the match was decided after five rounds.

The first two rounds were split equally, but the home side edged ahead in the third round to finish Saturday 6-4 up.  Sunday began with another halved round of doubles, but in the afternoon the SCA took three out of four singles games to bring the score to 10-6 and render the sixth round unnecessary.

The most notable upsets were Bill's and Fergus's wins against Charles - both on time, and the latter by only one point.

Special thanks are due to Jamieson for accommodating all the Croquet North players and providing dinner for both sides on Saturday evening.

Fergus McInnes


(SCA names first)

Day 1, Saturday 14 May 2011:

Fergus McInnes & Joe Lennon lost to Charles Waterfield & Alice Fleck -2T (15-17)
Bill Spalding & Jamieson Walker beat Derek Watts & Sheila Watts +4T (25-21)

Fergus McInnes beat Sheila Watts +8T (24-16)
Bill Spalding beat Alice Fleck +19
Jamieson Walker lost to Charles Waterfield -16
Joe Lennon lost to Derek Watts -26

Fergus McInnes lost to Derek Watts -11
Bill Spalding beat Charles Waterfield +5T (17-12)
Jamieson Walker beat Alice Fleck +2T (20-18)
Joe Lennon beat Sheila Watts +5T (19-14)

Day 2, Sunday 15 May:

Fergus McInnes & Bill Spalding lost to Charles Waterfield & Derek Watts -8
Jamieson Walker & Joe Lennon beat Sheila Watts & Alice Fleck +23

Fergus McInnes beat Charles Waterfield +1T (23-22)
Bill Spalding beat Derek Watts +17
Jamieson Walker beat Sheila Watts +9T (19-10)
Joe Lennon lost to Alice Fleck -10

Match result: SCA 10, CN 6