Edinburgh Tournament 2011

Fettes College, 15-20 August

When the lawn marking squad arrived at Fettes on the Thursday before this year's tournament to measure out the courts and make hoop holes, they found that the east boundary of court 1 (the one by the sight screen) was under water, as recent rain had left a large puddle there.  It was perhaps fortunate, therefore, that the numbers of players in the singles events on Monday and Tuesday were smaller than usual, so that the games could be fitted onto the remaining four courts.  Court 1 was marked out on Monday afternoon, by which time the water had subsided, and it was in use for the doubles on Wednesday and for two games on Thursday morning.

Monday saw the first rounds of the unrestricted handicap singles event.  With only 12 entrants (the fewest on record), and one of them not available in the evening, there were 17 games, of which (unusually) only one went to time.  26 points were scored in that game - 14 by Janice Duguid and 12 by her husband Hamish; the same total occurred in two other games, as Margaret Lauder beat James Hopgood +26 in the morning (in under 50 minutes with a rover peel, with bisques to spare) and Fergus McInnes did the same to Brian Murdoch later on (in 57 minutes with a double peel and with one of his three bisques left).  The knockout quarter-finals were won by Andrew Macmillan (handicap 14), Martin Stephenson (1), Fergus McInnes (4) and Margaret Lauder (14); the semi-finals were deferred till later in the week, and the rest of the day's programme consisted of games in the flexible Swiss section of the event.

After a mainly dry day on Monday, Tuesday was showery, with more persistent and heavy rain in the late afternoon and evening.  All but two of Tuesday's 21 games were in the four class events: the Open with six players, the 4+ advanced with three (who would be playing one another twice in the week), the 8+ (advanced with bisques) with four, and the 14+ (full bisques to a base of 12) with seven.  Those undefeated at the end of the day were James Hopgood, Campbell Morrison and Martin Stephenson in the Open, Allan Hawke in the 4+, Hamish and Janice Duguid in the 8+, and Morven Wardley in the 14+; also Jamieson Walker in the 8+ and Jola Jurasinska in the 14+, but that was because they were not available to play any of their games until Thursday.  Andrew Macmillan and Duncan Reeves were the last to finish in the evening's rain - Duncan missing a short rush to the peg but still winning by one point on time (24-23).

Wednesday was mostly devoted to doubles, in which 11 pairs were competing.  As often happens, many of the doubles games went to time, but there were six that reached a peg-out - two of them won by Allan Hawke and Bob Darling, and two of the others lost by Marjorie Elliott and George Geis.  George arrived just too late to prevent their first game starting without him, which the manager had decreed would happen at 10am; fortunately it didn't take the full 3 hours 15 minutes before Rod Williams and Charlotte Townsend won it +15.  Rod and Charlotte had narrower wins in their next two games (+1 on time against Martin Stephenson and Alison Ross, after a big catch-up turn by Rod, and +3 on time against Hamish and Janice Duguid) to get into Saturday's final against Allan and Bob.  Martin and Alison got into the Y final by another +1 on time (against Fergus McInnes and Jim Carden), with Martin escaping a cross-wired leave by jumping through the hoop and going to the peg as the time limit approached; the other Y finalists would be Robert Inder and Vivien Wightman.  The day featured more sunshine than on Monday or Tuesday, but also a further period of rain in the evening.

On Thursday morning all 20 singles entrants were playing in a mixture of unrestricted handicap and class event games.  James Hopgood (-2) maintained his winning run in the Open with a +26TP against Brian Murdoch (1), but Campbell Morrison (-0.5) suffered an upset, losing a scrappy game -4 to Fergus McInnes (3.5).  In the 4+ event Allan Hawke (7) had his second win over Elizabeth Medway (visiting from Jersey, with an initial handicap of 8, but now up to 9 after Monday's and Tuesday's losses), and later he had his second win over the other Jersey player Richard Sowerby (4.5) to decide the event.  More games in the 8+, 14+ and unrestricted handicap Swiss were played in the afternoon and evening.  Jamieson Walker won both his games in the 8+, where Janice Duguid was the other player still in contention with two wins and one loss.  Morven Wardley remained unbeaten, now with four wins, in the 14+, but most of the others in the event were still in a position to catch up.

Friday's play was again a mixture of games in the singles events.  They included the semi-finals of the handicap knockout, in which Fergus McInnes beat Margaret Lauder quite narrowly (+5) and Andrew Macmillan had an easier victory (+26) over Martin Stephenson.  James won his fourth game in the Open, but had still to play Campbell, who had won three games out of four.  In the 8+ Hamish beat Jamieson to force a tie-breaker between Jamieson and Janice (to be played on Saturday).  Morven won her fifth game in the 14+ to reach an unassailable position, with Duncan Reeves and Andrew Macmillan next on 4/6.

And finally there was Saturday, which turned out to be pleasantly sunny and the only rain-free day of the tournament.  In the morning James beat Campbell +26TP to win the Open, and Jamieson beat Janice +5 on time in the 8+ tie-breaker.  In the afternoon there were two handicap doubles finals (X and Y) and two handicap singles finals (X and Swiss).  The main doubles final was finished quite quickly, with a +21 win for Allan and Bob over Rod and Charlotte.  In the knockout (X) singles final Fergus pegged out Andrew's forward ball and won the three-ball ending +7 despite some good hit-ins by Andrew, while Brian Murdoch beat Duncan Reeves +11 in the Swiss final.  That left only the Y doubles final going on, and this reached a point where Robert and Vivien were both on hoop 6, with one of their three bisques left, and Alison was on hoop 5; Martin then went to the peg and cross-wired the opponents' balls at hoop 5; Robert took a shot, missed and took the last bisque with seconds to go, and had the chance to get a break going and overtake, but was unlucky to land against the wire of hoop 5 where he couldn't roquet Vivien's ball, leaving Martin and Alison the winners by 6 points on time.

The tournament concluded with the usual generous afternoon tea and the presentation of the trophies.  Jean Forshall (ECC Chairman) presided and expressed thanks to the many people who had helped to make the week a success, and Ian Wright (President) gave the winners their prizes.  Three handicap reductions were announced: Allan Hawke (unbeaten in both singles and doubles) was down from 7 to 6, Fergus McInnes from 4 to 3 and Duncan Reeves from 16 to 14.  Duncan also received the Lauder Bowl as the player getting furthest without winning any of the events - having reached the final of the Swiss and come second in the 14+ block.

Full details of all the games, and a selection of photographs, can be found by following the links below.

Fergus McInnes


Event 1 (Open Singles): James Hopgood
Event 2 (Advanced Singles for players of handicap 4 and over): Allan Hawke
Event 3 (Advanced with Bisques, handicaps 8 and over): Jamieson Walker
Event 4 (Handicap Singles, handicaps 14 and over): Morven Wardley
Event 5X (Handicap Doubles): Bob Darling and Allan Hawke
Event 5Y: Alison Ross and Martin Stephenson
Event 6X (Unrestricted Handicap): Fergus McInnes
Event 6 Swiss: Brian Murdoch
The Lauder Bowl (player getting furthest without winning any event): Duncan Reeves

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