Wilkinson Sword 2011

17 July 2011, Meadows and Alexandra Park

Five out of six players in the Wilkinson Sword were the same as in the previous three years: Fergus McInnes and Allan Hawke representing the Edinburgh Club, Jamieson Walker and Jola Jurasinska for Meadows, and Bill Spalding for Glasgow.  The newcomer was Richard Sparrow, who took over from Robert Lay as the other half of the Glasgow team.  The Edinburgh v Meadows game was played at the Meadows Club with a 9am start, and then the players decamped to Glasgow for the remaining rounds.

Meadows beat Edinburgh by 19 points, thanks to a nine-hoop break without bisques by Jola which left more than enough bisques for Jamieson to finish.  The game was over by 11am, and the rendezvous at Alexandra Park was accordingly brought forward from 1pm to 12 noon.  Glasgow's first game was against Edinburgh, and this also was completed in about two hours.  Allan got the first big break and went to penult; Bill took a bisque and embarked on a DPO, but broke down at 1-back with one peel done; and with all the bisques gone Fergus went round to the peg (but failed a long speculative rover peel attempt) and Allan finished (+17) in the Edinburgh side's next turn.  So now Glasgow had to play Meadows and required a score of +19 or better to secure the Sword, or +18 to force a tie-breaker.


The day had featured sunny intervals and showers, but the heaviest and most persistent rain was reserved for the later stages of the Glasgow-Meadows game.  After a slow start (three clips on hoop 2 and one on hoop 1 after 40 minutes), Jamieson had eventually got to rover, and Bill now took his ball round and peeled Jamieson's ball, but could not avoid roqueting it in his hoop-running stroke and failed the long peg-out.  The Meadows pair got the innings as a result, but Bill hit in and had another go at pegging out Jamieson - missing again, from a much shorter distance.  A few minutes later he got a third chance, and this time succeeded, leaving Jola on hoop 4 and Richard on hoop 3.  A judicious combination of turns played by Richard and by Bill took Richard's clip on to 2-back in the remaining minutes of the game, while preventing Jola from scoring hoop 5, and so after time was called at 5:45pm the result was +2 on time to Glasgow (19-17), which let Meadows retain the Sword on net points.

The usual generous Glasgow hospitality was enjoyed in the form of a tray of home-made scones, with jam and strawberries, and gingerbread, which appeared in the middle of the final game and was sheltered under a spectator's umbrella during the downpour.  Thanks for this go to Bill and Eleanor Spalding.

Fergus McInnes


Jamieson Walker (10) and Jola Jurasinska (16) (Meadows) 1 win, +17 net points: beat Edinburgh +19.
Fergus McInnes (4) and Allan Hawke (7) (Edinburgh) 1 win, -2 net points: beat Glasgow +17.
Bill Spalding (3) and Richard Sparrow (18) (Glasgow) 1 win, -15 net points: beat Meadows +2T (19-17).