Scottish Golf Croquet Championship 2011

11-12 June 2011, Alexandra Park

This year's Scottish Golf Croquet Championship took place earlier in the season than usual so as to precede - and give practice for - the World Golf Croquet Championship to be held in London in July.  And among the nine contestants were five World Championship players: James Hopgood, selected as the Scottish representative for the 2011 event; Jamieson Walker, a veteran of four previous World Championships; and Jane Morrison, Jackie Shannon and Jola Jurasinska, who had all played in the Women's World Championship.

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Kinross 11+ Tournament 2011

6 June 2011, Kinross

There were six entries for this year's Kinross 11+ tournament.  Five were within the handicap range 11 - 14 together with a welcome newcomer to the tournament scene in Alistair Malcolm from the host club who, it was agreed, would play off his club handicap of 24.

The weather forecast proved correct for the day with dry but overcast conditions in the morning improving to a pleasantly warm afternoon.  Overnight rain had left the lawns playing slowly - 7 plummers downhill on lawn 1.

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CA of Ireland v SCA 2011

21-22 May 2011, Carrickmines

The SCA beat the CAI by 14 games to 11 to regain the Appleton Trophy.  The match was still in the balance going into the final round on Sunday afternoon, ensuring there was everything to play for.  Unfortunately both the Queen, leaving the day before, and President Obama, arriving the day after, missed an exciting weekend's croquet in Ireland and the magnificent hospitality of the Irish, including a state banquet in The Gables on the Saturday evening.  The match was tied at 6-6 on Saturday evening, Hamish Duguid perhaps feeling a bit sore having been comfortably ahead in his game against Gerard Osborne-Burke, only to find Gerard cantering around 7 hoops in the time turn to win +1T.  James Hopgood, sporting a particularly dazzling pair of new white gloves, got off to a good start partnering Alasdair Adam, completing all four peels of a quad, but then missed the peg out.  However Alasdair and James went on to win their doubles game.

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East v West of Scotland 2011

4-5 June 2011, Meadows

The eve of this year's East-West match, Friday the 3rd of June, was the warmest day of the year so far, with Edinburgh's weather station recording 25.7 degrees C; but the weather changed abruptly overnight, and the weekend's temperatures struggled to reach 12 degrees.  Nevertheless 16 players turned out (though some of them for only one day) and played 18 games of Association Croquet and 20 games of Golf Croquet.  As usual each AC game counted for two points and each GC game for one point.  All games were played to handicap rules.

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SCA v Croquet North 2011

14-15 May 2011, Meadows

The Croquet North team for this year's match had the same four members as on the fixture's previous visit to Edinburgh two years ago: Charles Waterfield (handicap 0) from Middlesbrough, Derek Watts (2) and Sheila Watts (9) from Tyneside, and Alice Fleck (11) from Belsay Hall.  The SCA team was slightly weaker in handicap terms, consisting of Fergus McInnes (4), Bill Spalding (4), Jamieson Walker (9) and Joe Lennon (12).

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