SCA v CA 2011

Meadows, 3-4 September 2011

The victorious CA team (minus Jonathan Hills) with the Glasgow Quaich: from left to right Neil Kellett, Jack Wicks, Derek Watts, Dennis Scarr and Phill ScarrThe Glasgow Quaich is contested each year by teams from the Croquet Association (of England) and the Scottish Croquet Association.  It was Scotland's turn to host the match this year, and it took place at the National Croquet Centre at Meadows West, now equipped with two flagpoles from which the Scottish and English flags were flown.

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Scottish Short Croquet Championship 2011

Kinross, 28 August 2011

The players: Hamish, Robert, Janice, Fergus and AlistairThe same four players as last year drove from Edinburgh to Kinross on the morning of the last Sunday in August: Hamish and Janice Duguid, Robert Inder and Fergus McInnes.  Only the Kinross contingent was different, consisting this year of enthusiastic newcomer Alistair Malcolm in place of long-serving Kinross Club member George Kirk.

With two games on at a time, the tournament could have fitted onto one short court, but as we had the space and equipment for two courts we decided to set them both out and avoid double-banking.  This entailed a certain amount of hammering hoops with a large block of wood, as no one had brought a hoop mallet.  The balls available were inspected and found to consist of one set of Dawson primaries, one set of Jaques alternates and two sets of Barlows; the Dawson and Jaques balls were selected for use in view of their better rushing capability.  And so play got started at about 09:45.

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